The Scarab of Truth

Along with his Callirrhoan friend and crewmate Torgo, Tristain Varix, one of the last of the human race, flies across the galaxy as a surveyor for KoloaCorp. But when a Kemettha named Kakuet approaches him in a starport bar and makes him an offer he can't refuse, things take a hazardous turn.

Varix is tasked with finding the lost planet Earth so that Kakuet can recover the property of his employer. But when that property turns out to be an escaped slave, Tristain and Torgo intervene to try to warn the slave that Kakuet is coming. They meet Nephthesit, and she tells them a tale of betrayal that leads right to the doorstep of Kakuet and his employer. Hidden in a vault somewhere beneath the former site of the library of Alexandria is a scarab which is said to grant visions to those who seek the truth, and Nephthesit will have that scarab to see that justice is done.

Join the rousing adventure as Tristain, Torgo, and Nephthesit attempt to recover the scarab and escape from right under the noses of Kakuet and the Pharoanic Guard.

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Twilight Realms Online: Volume 2


With the sword of twilight reforged, opening the possibility for Kale to open a portal so that they can all go home, The Corporacrats who run Ouroboros arrest Zoe and imprison her, forcing Kale and his friends to act. Can Zoe resist the efforts of Dallas Doyle and his captain, McCaskill to break her while Kale and his friends rush to the rescue?

And what about the huge army of unseelie fay who are marching toward Ouroboros from the east, destroying everything in their path?

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Song of the Multiverse: Volume 3

Coda of Ascension

After their capture, Watanabe and Lexi are brought face-to-face with Queen Milandra at last, but Rin is determined to get them back. With General Gunderson and his Army of Order at her side, Rin leads an invasion into Pandaemonium itself that not only will end up to be the most destructive conflict the multiverse has ever seen, but will also have lasting implications for Pandaemonium and Elysium both.

Seeking to secure Lexi's future, Watanabe reaches out to his old mentor, Dweomyr in secret, only to find that Dweomyr has come into possession of an artifact of ancient power that has made him the target of a deadly game of hide-and-seek, and operatives of all the courts of chaos are playing.

Meanwhile, the twins' old rival Sister Charlotte of the Sisters of Mercy returns bearing her own artifact of ancient power, and she is determined to use it on the Queen of Pandaemonium and anybody else who stands in her way.

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