The Neamhain Prophecy: Volume 2


Following the Battle of Baratrum, Morganthe and Cymru return to Cathair Neamhai as heroes. But things take an unexpected turn when Morganthe is seduced by Lascivia. Lascivia fills Morganthe in on the dirty little secret of Cathair Neamhai, and she returns, confirming it in the well of eternity. This leads to a confrontation between Morganthe and her father Torano, one that will alter their relationship inexorably.

Cymru, meanwhile, pays a visit to Eru the Forgemaster to have a set of special weapons made. In the process, he encounters for the first time the phantoms that have always moved throughout London unseen. This leads him to investigate, and he discovers that these phantoms seem to be centered around a company called GlobalCom. He also learns that GlobalCom is more than a company, it is a cult with a nefarious purpose; one that will require his intervention. At the same time, Morganthe has a deadly encounter with the followers of the fallen goddess Morta and in an effort to escape that confrontation she finds herself in a far-off place she never expected to actually visit. While she is there recovering from her confrontation, Lascivia comes to her aid, and she brings along a surprising ally. Finally, Lascivia suggests that Morganthe retrieve a powerful artifact from the past, one that could shift the balance of power forever. What's the dirty little secret of Cathair Neamhai? What is GlobalCom's true purpose? And what is this powerful artifact? The answers await you within.

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Song of the Multiverse: Volume 2

Allegro of War

Led by Prince Torvix and General Gunderson, the Court of Order's invasion of earth has begun. Watanabe and his companions must rescue the twins from Torvix and forge an alliance with the NAF military to resist the invasion, but his daughter Milaina, who wants to take the lives of both Lexi and Rin proves to be an unpredictable complication.

Queen Milandra's devourer arrives to bring about the end of their universe, and Rin must face it. But does Rin have the power to prevent the destruction, and the possible collapse of the multiverse itself?

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Twilight Realms Online: Volume 1


Ever play video games? What happens when you fall asleep and awaken inside the game and you don't know whether what's happening around you is real or if it's a dream? That's what happens to Kale Blackthorne, an accomplished endgame player in the massively multiplayer online game, Twilight Realms Online.

Blackthorne, along with his friends Pascal and Zoe must navigate the chaos as thousands of players find themselves trapped inside the game and unable to log out. Whether a dream or real, they will have to get to the bottom of what happened to understand what caused this sudden change in their beloved game and led to the event known as "the cataclysm;" an event which will leave Ouroboros and Tír na nÓg forever changed. Will they be able to piece it all together and fix whatever went wrong so that they can either wake up or go home?

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