Volume I


Ever play video games? What happens when you fall asleep and awaken inside the game and you don't know whether what's happening around you is real or if it's a dream? That's what happens to Kale Blackthorne, an accomplished endgame player in the massively multiplayer online game, Twilight Realms Online. 

Blackthorne, along with his friends Pascal and Zoe Sandoval must navigate the chaos as thousands of players find themselves trapped inside the game and unable to log out. Whether a dream or real, they will have to get to the bottom of what happened to understand what caused this sudden change in their beloved game and led to the event known as "the cataclysm;" an event which will leave Ouroboros and Tír na nÓg forever changed. Will they be able to piece it all together and fix whatever went wrong so that they can either wake up or go home?

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Volume II


With the sword of twilight reforged, opening the possibility for Kale to open a portal so that they can all go home, The Corporacrats who run Ouroboros arrest Zoe and imprison her, forcing Kale and his friends to act. Can Zoe resist the efforts of Dallas Doyle and his captain, McCaskill to break her while Kale and his friends rush to the rescue?

And what about the huge army of unseelie fay who are marching toward Ouroboros from the east, destroying everything in their path?

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Volume III


War comes to Tír na nÓg! With Twilight Blue revealing to Kale that nothing is beyond his ability, Kale sets out to join his friends on the field of battle against the army of unseelie fay that seeks to wipe men from the face of Otherworld once and for all. But Kale discovers that the unseelie army enjoys an advantage in battle that may well prove insurmountable even for him.

And a separate unseelie attack on Avalon will set in motion a perilous chain of events that may well lead to the downfall of Ouroboros.

What happened to Twilight Blue, and where is he? Can Kale and his friends locate the godlike A.I., and can they regain the sword of twilight so that they can finally go home?

How will all of this play out? You will have to read to find out. Twilight Realms Online will be available soon!

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The Twilight Realms Online anthology containing a wealth of short stories to enrich the legends and the lore of Tír na nÓg, as presented by Brother Caedmon of the Most Holy Ecclesiastical Church of the Republic of Ouroboros.

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