Volume I

Adagio of Awakening

Rin and Lexi Halloran were just two oridnary teens growing up in Chicago. Then they were abducted from their boarding school, and thats when things got really strange. They awoke to find a mysterious man named Watanabe rescuing them from a heavily guarded warehouse, and that rescue sets them on a journey of adventure that will reveal just what a wonderfully weird place the multiverse is.

But Rin keeps hearing this music wherever she goes. What is the significance of the music? Who do the men who were guarding the warehouse where they were kept work for? And who is Watanabe? The fate of the world may hang in the balance as they search for answers.

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Volume II

Allegro of War

Led by Prince Torvix and General Gunderson, the Court of Order's invasion of earth has begun. Watanabe and his companions must rescue the twins from Torvix and forge an alliance with the NAF military to resist the invasion, but his daughter Milaina, who wants to take the lives of both Lexi and Rin proves to be an unpredictable complication.

Queen Milandra's devourer arrives to bring about the end of their universe, and Rin must face it. But does Rin have the power to prevent the destruction, and the possible collapse of the multiverse itself?

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Volume III

Coda of Ascension

After their capture, Watanabe and Lexi are brought face-to-face with Queen Milandra at last, but Rin is determined to get them back. With General Gunderson and his Army of Order at her side, Rin leads an invasion into Pandaemonium itself that not only will end up to be the most destructive conflict the multiverse has ever seen, but will also have lasting implications for Pandaemonium and Elysium both.

Seeking to secure Lexi's future, Watanabe reaches out to his old mentor, Dweomyr in secret, only to find that Dweomyr has come into possession of an artifact of ancient power that has made him the target of a deadly game of hide-and-seek, and operatives of all the courts of chaos are playing.

Meanwhile, the twins' old rival Sister Charlotte of the Sisters of Mercy returns bearing her own artifact of ancient power, and she is determined to use it on the Queen of Pandaemonium and anybody else who stands in her way.

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Volume IV

Overture of Destiny

With both Rin and Watanabe gone, Lexi trains under Dweomyr to master her powers beyond just swinging around her telekinetic hammer. Meanwhile, Milaina ascends to her mother's throne. Under Queen Milaina's rule, Pandaemonium begins to transform into something new, and develops closer ties with Elysium. Seeking to end the millennia-long war with the Court of Order, the new queen commissions Lexi as her envoy to reach out to the other courts of chaos and arrange a summit where a lasting peace can be arranged.

But on the way, Lexi encounters a new enemy in the Black Bands. Who leads this covert organization, and what do they want? Lexi also discovers the mark of the Harbinger on her body. What is the Harbinger? what does this mean for Lexi? for her relationship with Weill? for the multiverse?

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Volume V

Aria of Truth

Together with Weill, Blythe, and three champions of chaos, Lexi makes war on the Black Bands across the realms of chaos. But in doing so, she discovers a dark and ancient secret woven into the mythology of the champions of chaos; a secret that could shake the courts of chaos to their very foundations.

Meanwhile, Chiara and her allies Caius and Caia enact a plan to prevent Queen Milaina's peace summit with Elysium from moving forward. Who are Caius and Caia? What do they want? And why do they hate the Queen of Pandaemonium? More importantly, does the Harbinger have the power to stop them?

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Volume VI

Anthem of Hope

The final chapter of the Song of the Multiverse saga! With her reality shattered, Lexi retreats to a frozen waste with Chiara in tow. There she encounters Leia Appolonya; the other half of the Harbinger. Together, they concoct a scheme to counter the destruction brought about by Caius and Caia, restore the Courts of Chaos, and preserve the multiverse.

But in order to do so, Lexi, Weill, and the champions of chaos must not only defeat another ancient evil hidden in the vaults of chaos, but she must also beat the founders of chaos themselves; all Seven of them in a battle-royal style beatdown that will determine whether the multiverse will live or die.

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